Yes, that’s our hope, that this website will get you out there capturing gorgeous images that you and everyone else will love.

To do that we hope to educate you, inspire you and equip you so you have no excuse!

Click one of the following banners to go into that area of the website. We recommend starting in Educate and then when you have the basics you can move through the site.


Here we'll help you understand the basics of
photography and how your camera works


Here we'll help you find some
inspiration for your photography


Here we'll look at camera kit, lighting, and other
accessories that are worth adding to your kit.

Hmmm, you’re still here, we hadn’t expected that…


The ideas was that you’d click one of the banners above and jump into that section of the website.
We haven’t got anything more to offer you here I’m afraid.


If you want you can read about Adrian and how he got into photography? That would be the About Us page.

We hope you enjoy the website and encourage you to leave comments as much as possible. It will help us know how the content is coming across and whether it’s helpful or not.

So go on then, click one of the links above and go vist the educate, inspire or equip areas of the site!

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