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Thanks Darren for this one, I think it’s great for two reasons. First, it will stretch you to try something new, follow a recipe as it were, and second because it’s making use of tutorials I’ve already invested time and energy in. Find something that excites you rather than something easy and use this challenge to create something you’ll be really proud of!


See the details from back in challenge #1, I don’t want to keep filling each post with the rules. I will add for this one though that you have to choose one of the projects on this site, either a YouTube tutorial I’ve simply recommended or  one I’ve done for you. If you’re not sure post your questions below.


All the inspiration is in the Projects area of the website so jump in and find something that excites you!



Hopefully again you’ll find all you need on the project pages but if you’re left with questions then post them below and I’ll come straight back to you.

Get posting!

It’s over to you!

So why not post your ideas below and hopefully we’ll get a good selection of photos flowing down in the comments below. Feel free to comment on others’ work and please as stated above give us a bit of commentary to go along with your image and the camera’s settings.


  • Debs Cook

    Had to go with the Waterfall project seeing as it was me who asked Adrian for help in the first place. Two different shots in 2 places near the waterfall and a day where the sun was out one minute and gone the next.

    • What would I do without you Debs! You’re forgiven for using an old post, as you say, you’ve kicked it off and hopefully others will follow. I particularly like the shade and warm colours in the second photo although they’re both great. Did you get any closer with your shots, I’m just wondering what some of those mini waterfalls would look like from 2 foot away?
      It’s a lovely technique isn’t it as you wait excitedly wondering what you caught and then have to tweak your settings to fine tune it, without any urgency or pressure. I loved taking the photos in my tutorial 🙂
      Thanks again Debs, I’d better get the next one up for you… I think it will involve that 50mm again!

  • Darren Goodall

    Hi Deb,
    Great shot, did you use a ND filter?

    I have gone for another one of Adrian’s posts, “Love Notes” sweets.
    I used a Canon 50D with a 50 mm Prime lens mounted on a tripod.
    The settings were :

    Aperture, F1.8
    Shutter speed 1/80
    ISO 100
    White balance, Flash (i forget to adjust this sometimes)
    Flash set on 1/64 power and 24 mm mounted on a tripod directly over the sweets for the first shot

    The second shot was with the same camera settings, however I used a small LED torch, that i keep in my camera bag, and laid it on the desk. The flash was turned off.
    This blew out the shot, so I tried it in black and white. It gives it a different atmosphere, can’t quite describe it. (help)

    The Third shot has the LED torch directly over head adjacent to the lens .
    The lens is about 450 mm (18 inches) from the sweets.

    Its a simple task, however I like to see what happens when I do different things with light and settings, I want the shots I take to “pop off the page” one day.
    So practice the small things and understand “why” it works with photography.

    Thanks Adrian and Deb Cook.

    • Thanks for taking on this challenge mate, do you have any sweets left? That’s the best bit eh!
      Personally, and I hope you don’t mind me saying so, I don’t think the black background works as well as a bright white one. I’d also open a few more out of the pack and bulk up the scene a bit. I hope that doesn’t sound negative mate, if you’ve still got them give it a go and let me see what you get. Try a lower angle across the sweets too so you get the benefit from the shallow depth of field by blurring the foreground and background.
      I look forward to seeing what you get mate 🙂

      • Darren Goodall

        Finally I have been able to upload my shots.
        Some software issue with me old mac i think.(old user)
        You were absolutely right Adrian, I tried something different and it was not up to spec.
        This time, I used my Canon 600 D and the Kit lens,18/55
        F5.6, was the largest I could go.
        1/25 Shutter Speed.
        ISO 800
        Auto white Balance, should have reset to Tungsten.
        The light source was directly above me.
        Using a A3 piece of paper clamped to my clamp block,
        Its how I store my clamps, can’t loose them this way.

        This is a much better result, thanks for the constructive comment.

        • Well done Darren these are tons better. Your composition is spot on, the only thing you need to do (if you shot in RAW) is to adjust the white balance a bit in Lightroom and increase the Exposure to brighten it. If you want to send me one of the RAW files by email I’ll show you what I mean and record myself changing it too.
          … You did shoot in RAW didn’t you !?!
          Thanks for the set up photo and camera settings too, it will really help others. Can I ask why you didn’t use your 50mm, wouldn’t it let you get close enough?

          Great job mate, I’m proud of you 😉

          • Darren Goodall

            Thanks Adrian,
            I didnt shoot in RAW because I can’t upload the images onto the site, what do i do to reduce the file size from a RAW file to a JPEG that will load?
            You’re correct about the 50 mm i couldn’t get close enough and I though i could dust off the kit lens.
            I did make the mistake of shooting in AWB, when I should have taken control and set the white balance to Tungsten.
            In the mean time,I’ll re shot with my 50 mm and on Tungsten white balance.
            By the way i haven’t eaten the sweets, yet!
            I’ll send you a RAW file, most likely tomorrow, tis late down here. Cheers

        • Always relieved to hear it’s been received as intended, I never like to knock a photographer but if there’s room for improvement I need to say it, else I’m not much of a coach eh!
          Well done mate.

  • Ali Nicolson

    A Year later
    Book in front of Christmas tree.
    ISO 100 50 mm f/1.4 1/5 sec tripod
    Took one large book and placed on coffee table in front of Christmas tree. Blue tacked pages together and put some blue tack in the middle of the gap between pages and then stuck the joined pages into it to hold in heart shape.Used two coasters to rise one side of the book up to stop pages leaning to one side. Focused on front edge of book. Turned lights out in room and used iPhone torch to light leading edge of book.

    • Darren Goodall

      just brilliant Ali

      • Ali Nicolson


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