1TB Portable Hard Drive to store your photos


I bought this hard drive a few weeks back because I needed a storage device for my Macbook Pro and I wanted one I could throw into a bag and know it would be ok. There are plenty of external hard drives and for some of you that may be a better option but I like the idea of being able to keep this stored separate to my laptop, or desktop and know I’ve got a secure backup.

As usual, I spent hours researching my favourite hardware sites, Ebuyer and Amazon and enjoyed checking the reviews. I learnt that although I have a Thunderbolt connection and assumed I’d be pulled towards the very expensive drives available for that, someone did an excellent video demonstrating how the transfer time was no faster when copying large files from computer to drive. What a saving!

So I knew I wanted a USB3 drive and thought 1TB would be plenty without going too excessive. Then I checked reviews.

I have other Western Digital drives in various shapes and sizes but this Samsung drive has over 1800 reviews, 1300 of which are 5*! So sorry WD but I’m going with the majority here.

Now I was using it in a Mac so I had to format it which wasn’t a problem. If you’re on a PC it would I’m sure start up with the backup software and guide you through the install.

Why do I need to backup?

I’m sure if you haven’t had a data disaster yourself you’ll have heard someone else’s nightmare tale. Now that you’re getting more into your photography it’s essential to not loose your valuable images. You also should consider shooting in RAW too which takes up more space so you may choose to use this drive to save all your images to rather than simply backing up your computer. Of course you’ll need another then so you have a backup of that drive!

Well I’m a big believer in backing up, as should you be so get yourself one of these bargains and rest in peace at nights.

Where can I get one?

Here are my links to Amazon:

Buy from Amazon.co.uk – £50 here 

Buy from Amazon.com $68 here

 I bought mine from ebuyer but they dont seem to have one listed at the moment to link to.


So not a direct camera accessory but an essential one if you are going to take your photography more seriously and I know it’s always good to go on a personal recommendation 😉