#4 ‘Leaves’


Theme: Leaves

I know i know, I wasn’t going to use this one but after doing all the hard work for the Inspiration post it seemed silly not to include it!

The examples and help are all over at the inspiration page which of course you’ve already read right! If not here’s the link.



See the details from challenge #1, I don’t want to keep filling each post with the rules.


Get posting!

It’s over to you!

So anytime now you can start posting your ideas below and any questions you have.

At any time through January you can post your final image and hopefully we’ll get a good selection flowing down in the comments below. Feel free to comment on others’ work and please as stated above give us a bit of commentary to go along with your image and the camera’s settings.


  • Darren Goodall

    This is tougher than I thought

    • Ok Darren, I guess you don’t have too many frosty leaves laying around eh.
      How about grabbing a mist spray and trying something like this on a house or garden plant….

      I just typed ‘water drops on leaves’ int ogoogle images, I recommend you do the same and get some inspiration. You can try that macro lens out too 😉


      • Darren Goodall

        Yep, thanks Adrian. Looked a few sites and with a few different ideas, Jane helped also.
        She’s me littl’ elper!

  • Debs Cook

    This is my “Leaves” contribution after my brother said the leaves looked lovely in front of a light, so I used a dimmed lamp and attached the leaves over it so the light shone through an showed all the markings on the them! f/5.6, 1/20, ISO – 100.

    • Darren Goodall

      Great detail, sharp. Nicely done

    • If I’m honest Debs I’d prefer the red one wasn’t there as I love the veins on the green one underneath and want to see more. It’s the kind of thing I could look at for ages, do you know what I mean? Did you take any with just that one?
      Brilliant ideas and well executed. I hope you don’t mind me saying what I think, I’m just trying to coach you with a few ideas 😉

      • Debs Cook

        Hi, I did the green one on it’s own too so here it is….. I didn’t originally put it up because of the blemishes on the leaf, but I guess that’s nature and natural!

  • Darren Goodall

    Hi guys the leaves challenge, once again I’ve come inside
    ISO 100,
    Shutter on 0’8
    Aperture, 1.8
    Light setting on flash
    External flash mounted on tripod adjacent to the camera tripod and pointing up to ceiling,
    I used a auto focus and switched to manual,
    I used my 50D and 50 mm lens

    The second and third shots, is the same leaf, still propped in the same glass of water .
    The setting are
    1/50 shutter
    ISO 500
    f 1.8
    I still had the light setting on flash, but it didn’t fire, dead batteries.
    My iPad light was set to its brightest and I used it as a soft back up lighting
    I cropped the middle shot to highlight the hair on the bottom of the leaf.
    A simple peice of A4 White paper propped up behind the iPad.
    Cheers guys
    Sorry it seems I’ve dropped an image on twice

    • Go Darren, you’ve done a cracking job there! Doesn’t it look good for being against a black background! Really like the lighting too. Be proud mate 🙂

  • Miriam Speidel

    Still working on my submission entry but thought I’d share a pic of leaves I took in December in Poland at -13 degrees ! Brings back such good memories. F/4, ss 1/1250, ISO 100, 50mm lens, canon eos 500d

    • Yes, I’m waiting for a nice frosty morning too. Maybe Debs had the right idea!
      Lovely 🙂

    • Darren Goodall

      Sorry I’m late replying to your upload…….
      I have never seen a shot like this, the frost on the leaves.
      Well done, I’m sure Adrian wouldn’t mind this entry, would you Adrian !
      Lovely shot

  • Ali Nicolson

    Leaf in school corridor.

    • Ali, where did you come from with all these great images lol!
      This is another simple but very well executed photo, exactly what appeals to my style. If anything I think I’d have tried it without the top leaf as I’m loving the veins in the main leaf

    • Darren Goodall

      Nice sharp shot, what set up did you use , what lens, what aperture, what ISO, tripod ?
      I like how close up you have been able to get your image.

  • Well it was nice and frosty this morning so I thought I’d better get out and shoot a leaf. No more excuses!
    I was walking Bella and just grabbed my 5D with it’s 24-70 f2.8 lens. I don’t usually take out my pro lens for this site but Miriam is borrowing my macro filters and my sigma lens doesn’t have a wide enough aperture.
    So, I found a nice, plain looking leaf and placed it on the frosty grass. Stood over it and took my shot. Totally simple but that’s what I like.
    Here is the original image and then one I played with in photoshop (greater than gatsby actions).
    ISO 125
    Focal length – 70mm
    Aperture – 2.8
    Sutter – 1/80
    Daylight white balance
    No lighting or tripod although if I were really trying to nail this and possibly want to print it I would have gone back with a tripod.

    • LynneO

      Love this, it really stands out against the frosty grass

  • LynneO

    Got lots of photography done while we were out this morning, really enjoyed it. F5.6, 1/50, ISO 100 75mm ( had my zoom on as I’d just been taking birds so I had to step back quite a bit to get it to focus!!)

    • Looks like someone splattered paint on the leaves lol! Nice one Lynne.

      • Darren Goodall

        Yep who splattered paint on the plants?
        Nice shot

  • Robbie

    I thought I better clear something up with my post today…I have a boys name but I’m a girl. Surprise:) I could tell by some of the comments that my name had misled you. Sorry about that, it happens a lot so you’re not alone:)
    Anyway I like the way it turned out. It was taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T51 Iso 100, f/10, 1/200, I’m still trying to figure out what the numbers mean so I’m taking lots of photos, and changing the settings like mad. I’m trying to remember what they all mean but I suppose its like anything else it takes lots of time and practice. In the mean time I’m having so much fun experimenting.

    • Haha, thanks for clearing that up Robbie, you had me confused but sorry for assuming.
      This is lovely and your settings look fine. Have you seen my posts on aperture, shutter speed and iso? you will find them helpful.

      • Robbie

        I will check them out tonight when I get a second. Good point about the picture above. I should have moved in closer and focused on one leaf. After seeing some of the other pictures I am going to try a few new things. Thanks for the tips.

        • Glad you’re happy for tips, it’s a fine line, I don’t want to discourage people but I could tell you’re up for some coaching.
          My best tip really is to look at your photo on the screen after its taken and think if you could improve it. Is there anything obvious that by moving slightly you could knock out, is it too busy, can you get closer, just think about what I might say when you post it lol!

  • Robbie

    I couldn’t decide between this one and the one below so I thought I’d share both. Canon EOS T51 Iso 400, f 5.6, 1/125, both were taken in Zion National Park in Utah, USA

    • Thanks Robbie, personally I’m preferring the previous one but in fairness this is more about leaves. My only point on this one is that there isn’t really a point of focus for me. I think I’d have moved in a little closer and picked out one of the leaves. I do like how you seem to be down low though. Keep it up 😉

  • Hereward gas

    not sure if these count as leaves i did crop them a lot !!

    • They’re fine mate, I nearly did the same thing the other day. Looking good to me 🙂

  • Anne Coles

    My Xmas Poinsettia decided to dry up and shed it’s leaves and I thought they looked rather cool so I screwed on a cheap macro lens and see what they’d look like.

    • Looks like a little cocoon doesn’t it! I love the first two but the third isn’t as clear is it. I think it’s the tiny focus plain being behind the ridge.
      Super though and well done to the cheap macro filters, I have some too… although I lent them to Miriam and and haven’t seen them since 😉

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