#5 ‘Home’


Theme: Home

I love this theme and hope you have fun capturing it. Don’t necessarily get too swayed by what I suggest below, what’s your first instinct when you think about home, try to stick with that!

We should get some real variety here and I’d love to see something about your physical home or home town but shot in a creative way so get looking and invest plenty of time in finding some great inspiration.

There’s some examples below but it’s really up to you to go off and look for yourself and then let us know what you’re thinking.


See the details from challenge #1, I don’t want to keep filling each post with the rules.



Here’s a few ideas I quickly found using the method I explain in the inspiration post. Well actually they all came from 500px and Flickr so thanks if they’re your photos, they’re truly inspiring!



You don’t need me for this one, you should have it covered by now 😉



Get posting!

It’s over to you!

So anytime now you can start posting your ideas below and any questions you have.

At any time through January you can post your final image and hopefully we’ll get a good selection flowing down in the comments below. Feel free to comment on others’ work and please as stated above give us a bit of commentary to go along with your image and the camera’s settings.