50mm Prime Lens for Canon or Nikon


You should have one of these!

I know I’ve already done an article on this lens but it’s SO good I had to do another one for this list. This is such a popular lens and rightly so.

For under £100 (Canon) you get a portrait lens that will allow you to focus sharp on your subject, then quickly blur the foreground and background. This is due to the high aperture of f1.8, much wider than your kit lens at f5.6.


  • Extremely shallow depth of field for truly professional looking portraits.
  • Great in low light (no need for a flash in many cases)
  • Inexpensive
  • Light and easy to fit in a bag as a second lens

This is a great, cheap lens to have a play with. The lack of zoom will force you to get creative and either get up close to your subject or go for wider shots. If you don’t own a prime lens (one that doesn’t zoom in or out) I really encourage you get hold of one of these and have a play.

Warning: Be warned that because of the shallow depth of field you could find yourself having less than 1cm depth to play with. What I mean is if you focus on the eyes of your subject and you’re up close, any movement without re-focussing could lead to out of focus shots, and we don’t like those. Now this isn’t a reason to not buy one, I just want you to take your time and review your images closely before moving on.

Matt took this great shot among others on our recent ‘how to photograph babies like a pro’ course (not available yet). He was using a Canon 60D and this 50mm f1.8 lens.

50mm example

How much and where can I get it?

Ok you need to be sure to order the right lens for your make of camera so I’ve put both Canon and Nikon below.

The price is currently £97 for Canon on Amazon.co.uk where you can read over 600 glowing reviews if you aren’t convinced (there’s over 3000 on amazon.com!).

As with all my recommendations I stick with Amazon. I personally love shopping there as I get to see the reviews and they store my card details so it’s very quick to buy.


Here are the links to take you to Amazon:

Canon version – CLICK HERE

Nikon Version – CLICK HERE




Well there it is. I hope to get round to doing a full review of this lens at some time but it’s not a priority as there are many already on the internet.

Do grab this lens if you fancy rekindling your passion for photography. If you haven’t used a prime lens before you’ll be blown away by the results and after all, swapping lenses over and building up your kit is one of the reasons you bought an slr camera, right!


  • Anne Coles

    Been keeping an eye on the Nikon lens on Amazon, the price has been creeping downwards 🙂

    • Go on Anne, I’m sure Santa will bring you one if you’re good