Adding wifi to your SLR Camera with an Eye-Fi card!

This has genuinely been one of the best photography purchases I’ve made!

NOTE: Before you get too excited I need to explain that this won’t work with every camera so check on this chart to see if yours is SD or CF (Compact Flash) card. Basically it’s an SD memory card, not a Compact Flash so certain Canon models won’t be able to use this, HOWEVER you can buy an additional adapter that I’ve mentioned at the bottom.

Ok, lets take a look…

Ok so what’s this card about?

Well, it allows you to take photos with your Digital SLR camera and then instantly send them wirelessly to your phone, iPad, or laptop via the wifi signal this card transmits. ‘Simples!’

OK, you seem unsure about this, let me keep going and explain  why this is a big deal.

For me, one of the reasons I don’t always take my SLR camera out with me is that most of the time the ability to send my photos straight to Facebook or Instagram is more of a priority than getting high quality shots, shocking I know! And that’s possibly true for many of you. We love taking photos and our phones are so good we settle for less quality and prefer our internet enabled phones. Well with this card installed you get the best of both worlds.

Let me demonstrate…

So there it is. It will work with you anywhere, inside or out. I also used it on a shoot with a client a few weeks back. Their designer was needing some very exact shots and so I was able to put my iPad in his hand and he got to see the images I took loading instantly in front if him. It was so impressive!

Storage size

Yes, remember that this is a regular SD Card as well so you can use it in place of your usual card and transfer the photos with a card reader as normal if you prefer. I certainly would always take a second backup to my computer and not just rely on the copy I sent to my phone.

The card I’m linking to here is the 8gb version and the top of the range. You can from the Amazon page see the other cards but personally this is well worth the investment. Usually a standard SD card would cost around £7 for comparison.


Now let me just point out a couple of downsides to keep this real.

  • It will drain your battery much quicker than usual if you leave it on and your iphone connected.
  • It doesn’t backdate the images, or not how I’ve used it anyway (please tell me if you know otherwise). So if I take some photos then turn off the camera and later come back to it, turn it on and try to export them to my phone, it doesn’t seem to find them, just the ones I take before switching my camera off. Now that’s actually good and bad because you don’t necessarily want all your photos copying over so actually by turning your camera off you in effect reset the transfer to only take the current batch.
  • It’s not cheap for a memory card so if you have no intention of sharing your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media sites, this may not be for you… If you do, this thing is awesome!


How much and where can I get it?

The price is currently £45 on with a RRP of £119.99. As with all my recommendations I stick with Amazon. I personally love shopping there as I get to see the reviews and they store my card details so it’s very quick to buy.

Here are the links to take you to Amazon:

Buy it on – £45 here

Buy it on – $59 here



SD Card to Compact Flash Card adapter

Ok so if your camera takes a Compact Flash card (if you’re not sure check here) and not an SD card, you need this extra adapter which will fix the problem.

This is great news as most Canon models use Compact Flash cards.

Buy it on – £11 here

Buy it on – $14 here


Go for it!

I can’t stress enough how much pleasure this little card has brought me! Taking great photos anywhere and instantly uploading them to Social Media sites makes photography so much more interesting and it will encourage you to stop leaving your SLR camera at home!