Blowing Glitter – how to photograph it


Finally, it feels so exciting to be writing a blog post again after months and what a cracker to kick off with.

You may remember me mentioning on the blog that I’d seen in a Digital SLR Photography magazine a tutorial on how to photograph blowing glitter. I loved it and having a gorgeous neighbour who I know would be up for it, today I finally managed to have a go for myself.

Here’s a full video of our time including the photos as I took them. I’ve chopped a bit out as it was quite repetative but I’ve missed nothing of interest. As you’ll hear and read in the video it was a simple set up on Aperture Priority using my 85mm prime lens to give me a shallow depth of field at f1.8.

So there it was, I told you she was gorgeous right! Here’s a gallery of the final shots with just a little tweaking and then a filter applied.


I haven’t added it to therein video as some moan on youtube about all that but if you’d like to see me editing in Lightroom comment below and I’ll upload it if enough of you ask. I did a total over the shoulder workflow 😉


So what do you think? Hopefully I’ve showed you how a great, artistic photo can be easily created. Like most of these things you need to be prepared to take a lot of shots so keep it fun for your model and just try it.

Please let me know what you think to this, post your results if you have a go and ask any questions if you’re unsure about anything. I look forward to reading some feedback 🙂