Canon 700D(T5i) v 750D(T6i)

Well this post is in response to a friend’s comment that when he was looking for a new camera and couldn’t decide whether to pay the extra for the newer model he realised how little information was available.

I put the 700D and 750D side by side and got a chance to compare them. You may be surprised by my opinions about different features but these are my genuine feelings.

I know which model I’d choose and you’ll have to watch the video to hear why.


Canon 700D / Rebel T5i on Amazon – CLICK HERE

Canon 750D / Rebel T6i on Amazon – CLICK HERE


Also, I mentioned a few things in the video that I want to link to here.

Unboxing video

700D overview video series

My Canon 300D

ISO explained

How to Focus course (teaching about focus spots)