Canon EOS 1200D – How good is it?


It wasn’t long ago that I posted about which was the best budget DSLR to go for, and now I’m excited to be able to review the new Canon EOS 1200D.
So what’s the difference, what the highlights and is it a clear winner for beginner photographers? Lets take a look…

Fist, lets put it along side it’s predecessor and main competitors to see how it compares.

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Now keep in mind that the 600D won’t be around for much longer, as of today it’s no longer on the Canon website as a current model. The 700D is a big step up from the 600D and while it has some awesome features, you have to pay for it. I can see that Canon are making more of a distinction from their entry level models like this new 1200D and the next range (700D).

So there are some improvements from the 1100D, and what the chart isn’t showing you is the addition of more filters so you can play with the images in camera, but that isn’t of interest to me. There seems to be some debate over the increase in ISO, some sites quote it as reaching a max of 12800 but the Canon site definitely states 6400, without manually nudging it up. This a big deal and for me I changed from my 5D mkII to the 5D mkIII mainly because of the increase in ISO. If you want to learn more about ISO read my tutorial here.


Well I gues that depends on how you view it. It is an improvement from the 1100D but you can get a much better camera in a 600D for less money so on that basis, I give it a miss!

My advice…

If I were you and you’re seriously looking at which camera to get, I’d grab a 600D while you still can!
The 700D is a marked improvement but it carries a hefty price tag that pushes it out of reach of many amateurs. Seriously, the Canon 600D is a great camera and they’ll be gone soon.

Find them here

I hope that helps. If you’re in the UK you get your hands on the full range at The Photography Show in a few weeks. I’ll be there so let me know if you’re planning on visiting.