Digital SLR Photography magazine review


I’ve been reading digital SLR photography for over a year now and in July this year they have given the magazine a major overhaul and I thought it warranted a review.

Now I did an article before Christmas reviewing several magazines and gave my unbiased opinion of them all but this was the magazine I chose to pay an annual subscription too, and that was before the overhaul, so what do I think to it now?

Well for me a magazine serves several purposes, it should inspire me to try projects, educate me by labelling the images with the settings they were shot at and give me good unbiased reviews of kit that could be useful to me. This magazine does all that very well.

The location Guide

One new feature I love is ‘the location guide’. July highlighted Embleton Bay and August . Honestly, I’m already thinking of how I can sell to my wife the idea of heading to North Cornwall for a few days with a friend or two! I love looking at great beach shots and I’m enjoying capturing blurred water with filters, these are the kind of images that I’d love to feature on my wall and explain to my friends that I captured it. The guide even gives maps and directions and tips on whe best to shoot them. Awesome!

Pro Insight

The pro insight section is never great for those of that suffer with kit envy but I do love anything that goes behind the scenes with a pro, this is a great feature.

Photo skills

The windmills in July’s photo skills section has also totally inspired me. I’m looking at a gorgeous windmill photograph and learning that it’s located less than an hour from me. There’s a list of all the best windmills to shoot with their locations and real, transparent tips on how to capture them yourself, I love this, there really is no excuse for me to not get out and have a go at this.

Kit reviews

The kit reviews aren’t aimed at pros either with the first camera review being the entry level Canon 1200D at under £350, and tripods under £200.

Pull-out guide

Didn’t I mention the superb ‘ultimate Series’ pull out guides? You really feel like you’re getting a bonus with this ‘extra’ magazine.

I have to say though that the highlight for me was the excellent interview with one of my favourite photographers, Dan Winters. Learning how he started out and getting behind the scenes with him  is a true privilege and Jordan Butters holds a great interview, seeming to ask everything I would want to ask him myself.

Can you tell I’m a little excited about all these new features, full marks to the team. I honestly can’t wait to get out and have a go at some of these assignments and I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, I can’t recommend this magazine enough, there honestly isn’t a page I didn’t read. I took it on holiday to Tenerife where I engrossed myself in it literary to the point where my 11 year old said ‘dad, are you still reading that!’

As you’ll know from other articles on my website I’m a big fan of magazines in general for the main purpose of inspiration but as this takes things a step further by advising on the kit you’ll need and locations to visit (where applicable) leaving you no excuses why you can’t get out with your camera and create some gorgeous images of your own. I love this magazine and give it 5/5. Seriously, get yourself signed up and enjoy a great mothly dose of inspiration.

At the time of writing this you can get 5 issues for £5 so there’s no commitment if you dont like it.