Do I really need to upgrade my SLR camera?


If you’re anything like me, you’re always wanting the latest gadget whether it be a phone, computer, or in this case camera. Now that’s not to say I always get the latest gadget but I’d be lying if said it didn’t interest me.

So I happened to notice yesterday (as mentioned in my last blog post) that my first digital SLR camera, the Canon 300D was now 10 years old and it made me think ‘I wonder what the picture quality is like on that camera compared to the new versions?’

Now, if you take a look at my personal Flickr channel you’ll see loads of holiday snaps I took with this camera and I was always highly delighted with it, but so was I with my mobile phone 10 years ago but that doesn’t mean it would satisfy me now!

This really raises a common question about when to upgrade your kit. Now I’d really recommend, if this is just a hobby to you that you only upgrade when you can afford to. Honestly, I’ve heard from too many people who thought upgrading their kit would improve their photography when it didn’t and then they’re more frustrated that they just invested a fortune in the new camera!

“A new camera will improve my photography!”

This post is not to discourage you from upgrading but rather to dismiss the idea that purchasing a newer model camera will improve your photography skills! Rather, look around this site and learn how to master your camera and then go and upgrade it when you can afford to.

So as you’ll see in the video here I had a few frustrations but the results were pretty good from a quick walk out with my son and dog. Above are some of those images which I’ve played with slightly, mostly increasing the exposure, saturation and contrast and then added a vignette to a few too.

Hopefully this post will show you that a basic, 10 year old camera is still capable of giving you good results so don’t dismiss your old camera, get out and use it and only upgrade when you have truly outgrown your current one.