Affordable filter kit for any SLR camera


A ‘must have’ piece of kit for any wannabe Landscape Photographer.

2 days ago I was writing up the review of various magazines and with all the articles on Landscape photography, they use filters to balance the sky with the scenery. Also, the ND filters, which in effect work like sunglasses on your lens, allow you to slow down the shutter speed and get great blurred shots of water or sky.

Now if you read my previous post about blurred coastal photos you will know that I love these shots that slow down the water to give a milky effect but I hadn’t thought it through and didn’t have any filters meaning I really struggling to slow down the water enough.

So I returned home that evening and looked around on Amazon for a reasonably priced set of filters and here’s what I ended up buying.

My Filter kit

filter kitThis is not an expensive professional set and if were needing professional results I’d likely get a set from a trusted name but I want to show you how this can all be done on a sensible budget so here’s the pack I got for £16. That’s a great deal and the various ring sizes mean the holder works on all lens sizes. For comparison I have a screw in ND filter for my big professional lens and that cost me about £80 for the one filter which isn’t universal so you can see what a good deal this is!


How much and where can I get it?

The price is currently £15 on and the set will fit any lenses on any DSR that takes filters (there will be a thread on the end of your lens). As with all my recommendations I stick with Amazon. I personally love shopping there as I get to see the reviews and they store my card details so it’s very quick to buy.

Buy this set of filters on – £12 here

Buy this set of filters on – $21 here


I don’t pretend to have much experience with my new kit yet but heres a few shots I took while in Cornwall.

Well there they are, a lovely set of lenses that will last a lifetime for £12!


  • brian hunt

    Absolutely brilliant once again and as is the norm with yourself timing is perfect (down to Devon for a week in a weeks time) and just allows amazon time to deliver thanks again
    brian hunt

  • Adrian

    Thanks Brian, I expect to see the results! Feel free to email me any questions while you’re down there. All part of the service 😉