Flash lighting for beginners


It’s taken me ages to do this video, I ran though it all once and wasn’t happy so I started again. The finished version, I hope, is a great introduction to these type of flash lights that you mount on your DSLR camera.

The course isn’t an in-depth training on different techniques and artistic styles, rather it’s an overview of the kit and a basic guide to what settings you need on your camera and flash. From there you’ll be able to do 90% of your flash photography and I’ll get started on a second instalment looking at more advanced techniques if people are interested.

Time to pay!

Lol, yes I have a put a small price tag of $20 on this course as I really need to earn a little something back from this training. I have been posting for 2 years now and not asked for anything so I know you won’t mind giving a little something back. Also, I do genuinely believe that if you invest in something you’re more likely to see it through and value it.

So this course is hosted on the very slick Udemy platform. You can download an app and have all your training in one place. I found some great courses there actually and plan to review some for you in due course.

Here it is – Flash lighting for beginners