Great little camera bag: Lowpro Adventura TLZ 25


I’ve been on one of those real quests trying to find the perfect bag for my morning dog walking (that’s reminded me, I haven’t taken her yet today), and I finally found it in PC World of all places!

So what’s so special about this bag?

It’s not the bag, it’s what it allows me to do! Instead of looking for a bag that could carry everything, I wanted one as light and portable as possible so i could take it more places.

BIG_36236_sNow my main priority was for walking the dog. Now I’m usually an early morning walker (except today as I’m still writing this), and time and time again I’ve been walking along by the lakes near us and I’ll see a beautiful sunrise, or a perfectly formed cobweb with dew on it, or a lovely flower and I grab my iPhone, take a snap and upload it to Facebook, usually while I’m still walking. I get a real buzz out of the instant sharing of my photos and I think others enjoy that too. The problem is that I never have my SLR on me because my bags are just too bulky, as you can see in the video, so my iPhone becomes my camera of choice. Now, if you read my previous post about the Eye-Fi card, you’ll know that i am now able to use my SLR camera and send the images straight into my phone, edit them if I fancy and still upload them to Facebook instantly. Now that’s one of the best discoveries I’ve made with my personal photography, I can’t stress enough the huge impact this has had on me, but the problem still remained, I needed a small bag. I had been to shows looking specifically for bags, spent endless hours on Amazon and then while buying my son a laptop from PC World the other day, I saw this bag, for just £19.99, and it was Lowepro.

“Sometimes it’s the small, less significant buys that have the biggest impact”

Yes there are loads of cheaper alternatives but I want something that can last and I have three other Lowepro bags so I know they are excellent quality. I didn’t want to be able to carry big pro lenses, I use a Sigma 28-300mm for my everyday use and this fits perfectly. You’ll see more from the video than I can explain but for me this meant I have no real excuse not to have my SLR camera with me all the time, well not when I’m on romantic meals out with my wife or when I’m sitting on church, but certainly family days out have a new member.

Sometimes it’s the small, less significant buys that have the biggest impact and for me I had a problem (or pain as marketers refer to it) and now I’ve found a solution.


How much and where can I get it?

Ok so you could go to PC World as it’s actually a few pounds cheaper, but if you want the convenience of getting this from Amazon now and have it on your doorstep in the morning here are the links.

Buy  on – £23 here

Buy  on – $21 here

The only downside is I may be overloading you with photos of the dog for the next few weeks!