Half time talk – how are you doing?


Well for those of you that are doing the photo challenge through January…

Where are your photos!

Seriously, there were loads of you wanting to do this challenge and half way in there’s only a handful of us posting to the pages and enjoying the community. The whole point of this ‘challenge’ is that it would be… challenging, but with that comes a great sense of achievement and I don’t think there’s a much better way to develop your skills and interest.

So, it’s almost half time and this is your changing room talk before you go out for the second half. Don’t say you can’t do it or you’re too busy, do something, enter just one photo at least and see if that doesn’t inspire you to do more.

Come on, this is Coach Adrian giving you a kick up the backside “You CAN do it, you HAVE got time… Get to it!”


P.S. My Alphabet Spaghetti just came today ready for my ‘food’ photo 😉

Featured photo from http://garycurneen.com