How to change lenses on your Canon 600D


There’s not a lot more to add to what the video says really. Don’t be worried about changing your lenses over, as long as you don’t leave the lens off for longer than necessary and have the camera pointing downward you’r unlikely to attract dust on your sensor. Obviously a bit of common sense comes into this and you don’t want to be doing it on a beach unless you really have to, or in a windy or dusty space. If possible change lenses inside but seriously, don’t get to precious about it. In 11 years as a professional, using my cameras day in day out I’ve never had a mark I couldn’t clean if necessary and I’ve rarely had to clean them anyway. The last two cameras I’ve had both have sensor cleaning and I have to say, I haven’t ever had to clean them myself so this one really isn’t a gimmick, it works!

Well that wasn’t bad considering I didn’t think I had much to add!

Let me know if you found this helpful and be sure to watch the other clips.