I love sharing your success! 

This week I saw a friend posting a set of photos up from her son’s birthday party and they were gorgeous! Yes I was excited to be able to see that her son had a lovely day but I was really excited to see how well she’d developed in her photography, especially as she’s recently attended one of my training days! #proudcoach

The Power of Photography

Photography is so much more than a hobby, especially if you have a family. You are able to capture moments of life that will otherwise be distant, blurry memories. Now granted you can do that with your mobile phone to some extent but the next level, and this is where I really get excited, is when you start shooting on your DSLR and then editing and printing those photos and hanging them on your wall! Ok, that maybe a step further down the road for some of you but at least putting them on Facebook and seeing a flurry of comments telling you what lovely photos you’ve taken, that still gives me a real buzz!

Creating memorable gifts

Another thing I spotted on my friend’s Facebook feed was an adorable Father’s Day gift, who wouldn’t love to receive this?
Now this wouldn’t look anywhere near as impressive with flat, basic phone images but the shallow depth of field you get from an SLR make in this case the child and message pop out from the background and draw your eye immediately to them. Beautiful!
I’ve done similar things with mouse mats, phone cases and coffee coasters.

So what about you?

Can you see why I get passionate about photography and want others to reach this level of ability? You don’t get here on full auto settings and that’s why I’m keen to help take you on a journey with me. I want to start writing (or filming) posts that will help you understand the fundamentals of photography and develop your own skills so you get to a base level from where you can go off and play with projects or niches but first, you need to understand how to use that camera.

Are you up for that? Let me know in the comments…