Light painting – Orbs


Ok, so I know I haven’t put much into this post again but I think that’s ok to keep showcasing project ideas that I discover on the web, right?

Now I’m back with the Photo EXTREMIST guy as his last one with the water that I brought to you got at least Anne inspired to dig out a fish bowl and not only did she drown a load of innocent fruit, she shared some photos with me, go Anne!

Also, I tried the wire wool tutorial but the stuff I bought from B&Q was useless, it wouldn’t even light so he’s right when he says about needing the really fine wool. I’m thinking this weeks will keep me busy until I order more wire wool as I know Rach has some of these lights in the lounge, don’t tell her though!

The one thing I think is missing from this video though is the camera settings. Now I haven’t done this before but here’s where I think you need to go. ISO ideally 100, 200 max. Shutter as wide as you can, typically that’s 30 seconds and your aperture will be the one to play with, start on f8 and see what happens. If it’s too dark lower the number, if it’s too light either increase the number or shorten the time the shutter is open. Dont be too worried about knowing it beforehand as long as you know how to correct it then just play with it.

So watch the video, have a go and let me know how you get on. If you find something else to swing around let us know, I’m guessing there are plenty of options you can think of!

Thanks again PhotoEXTREMIST for the inspiration.