Macro Filter Set


I just went to link to this post from another and realised I never actually posted this review.

I’m not huge into Macro photography but love the idea of creating some of those large beastly insect photos, i just can’t justify the price tag of a nice Macro lens. So, as we’re all about keeping our budget low, I thought I’d give a set of these Macro filters a go.


They’re under £15 and screw directly onto the end of your lens. Now for me I wanted a set to fit the end of my 50mm 1.8 lens so I needed 52mm fitting and that’s the important part, make sure you know the size of your lens (which should be written on it) and buy the right size to thread in.

Where can I buy them?

Click here to see them on

Click here to see them on

How do they work?

They’re essentially a high quality magnifying glass in different strengths +1, +2, +4, +10 that both magnify the subject and allow you to move in closer that the minimum focal distance of your lens. For example on my 50mm lens I can’t focus on anything closer than 45cm. With one of these on I can get more like 10cm from the subject and as a result get super close up photos.

In closing let me leave you with the fact I have a set, they cost under £15 and I recommend you buy them to extend your range of photography. There are 442 4.5 star average reviews on!.. What are you waiting for 😉