Merry Christmas!


Woohoo, I love Christmas and wanted to share a quick message with a challenge for you to post your Christmas morning photos below. Give it a go, tell your family what you’re doing and I’m sure they’ll be up for it!


  • gordo

    Trust all had an awesome day… one shot of our tree

  • gordo

    Had some very hot sweets Red Hot

  • Haha, that looks like you’ve photoshopped it! Thanks for posting, hopefully others will catch up!

  • Nice one, you should look back at the christmas decorations challenge, this would fit there too 😉

  • I’d better post something of my own hadn’t I! This was my favourite seeing my boys open an Xbox they had no idea about. Not the greatest photo but in terms of capturing emotion and a memory to look back on this was one of the best in the bunch. I’ve just edited it in Lightroom as I shot it in RAW and as the colour was bad anyway with no flash used I thought I’d apply a preset. This one (and the next ones) is just a free preset from called Retro. If you have lightroom you should give them a go.

  • Owen’s favourite present lol!

  • Granddad admiring the welding on Owen’s new scooter deck.

  • gordo

    sadly for her It was genuine, we got each (4) a large tub of american sweets and all had this red hot sweets in 6 in each, so 23 unopened ones went in the bin lead by a part sucked one.

  • Slrcoaching

    Oh dear, hope it’s settled now 😉