My first photograhy workshop!


It was inevitable I guess that I’d finally get around to offering some real ‘hands on’ training for those that live nearby. I was helping a friend with her camera recently and she explained that she struggles watching video tutorials and much prefers face to face training, and at that point the seed was sown.

My initial intention was to reach and help as broad an audience as possible and just today I received an email from a photographer in Australia thanking me for my helpful videos, now that’s pretty cool! Clearly offering training to four people at a time isn’t going to make a huge impression on the global photographic community, but for them it will be huge. I am determined to give clear simple training on the fundamentals that will set up my trainees and lay a foundation that they build on.

If you live in or around Peterborough and want to know about the training dates please let me know. Currently I am offering my first two on 3rd and 17th May and depending on how they go I’ll offer a couple more in Summer.

Please watch this video to hear all about what I’ll cover and what you can expect.

If you are interested and want to know more please comment below or send me an email.