My Panasonic GX8 won’t go slower than 1 second


Well as you’ll see from the video I came across the same issue and it took me ages trawling through the menu to work out what the issue was.

Hopefully this post will help you before you reach my point of despair and you’ll be able to capture some cool long exposure photos. If you do, please share them with us below 🙂



  • Thanks for this. You could maybe have written in the text that the solution was to find the ‘electronic shutter’ setting in the menu and set it to ‘off’.

    Unfortunately the menus for the G80 I have in front of me look a bit different; I see ‘shutter type’ set to ‘ESHTR’… but it’s greyed out so I can’t change it. No idea why. At least that gives me a new lead to research. Camera manual doesn’t seem much help. Apparently there’s a decent chance of seeing northern lights tonight up here in Scotland, so hopefully I’ll work it out within the next couple of hours…

  • Finally worked it out. If “Silent mode” is set in another menu, then it can only use electronic shutter…

  • yes you’re right, I spent ages trying to work that out too. Glad you got there.

  • Athina Tanti

    I have the Panasonic G85 and there is no Electronic Shutter option on the menu. Any suggestions? Thanks

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