Nikon D3300 – How different is it from the D3200?


So what’s the deal with Nikon’s new entry level digital SLR camera?

Now as you know I’m a Canon man but I have been really impressed with both the Nikon 3100 and 3200, in fact I recommended it over the Canon alternative in this post. So clearly I’m keen to see how things will improve with yesterday’s announcement of a new model.

Now you can’t get this camera yet but you can pre-order from stores like WEX Photographic. And how much are you needing to pay for this new model? Well assuming you need the standard 18-55 kit lens, it will cost you £599! That’s £210 more than the Nikon D3200 on the same site.

OK, pick yourself up and lets see what the big improvements are.

For ease lets put the new model along side the current one and you’ll soon see the differences…

[table id=3 /]

Wow, what an upgrade!

Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Unless I’m going bonkers the only difference in spec, other than a millimetre or two, is 1 frame per second more… and a £200 increase in the price!

Now, I guess they have improved the software so you get more training from the back screen, but you guys are on here so don’t need that right!

Oh and there’s an option to buy a wi-fi adapter, but personally I’d still go for the Eye-Fi card as it’s universal.

I really am confused what this new camera is about. After almost 2 years, that’s it!?!


So the good news?

Well if you have a 3200 you won’t be feeling disappointed that it’s just been majorly superseded.

And if you haven’t got a D3200, this will be a great time to get one as the prices are guaranteed to drop!

So there it is guys. Don’t get caught up on the hype. I’ve written before about not needing the newest, latest cameras and that’s certainly the case here. Keep an eye on the D3200 of the next few months and grab yourself a bargain, it really is a great entry level Digital SLR at £339 or less!