Photo Challenges


Are you up for a challenge? Do you fancy joining a group of photographers and stretching your photography skills? Great, I’ve got just the thing for you!

I recently saw someone tweet about a 30 day photo challenge and I thought, ‘we need to do that!’

Now this originally was a January 2015 thing because I know many of you had a few toys for Christmas but really, there’s no reason this can’t run on indefinitely! So if there are mentions in the videos about dates, just ignore it and get posting on here anyway 😉


So how’s it going to work?

As I say the original plan was 10 projects across the month of January but please jump in on any of these themes now and post up your photos in the moment section and let us see the camera settings and hear the story behind the photo if you don’t mind.
I’d originally built a forum on the back of the site but then after researching it further have opted to use Disqus comments on the blog posts where you can much easier comment below each assignment and upload your photos there too. The problem with a forum is that it’s another thing to log into and I’m not sure if they’ve seen their day. If however we don’t get on so well then maybe another month we can try the forum route.


Will we get training?

Absolutely! I’m not an expert in many of these topics but I’ll be giving you some coaching in most of the categories in the form of a ‘How to…’ blog post. The beauty of the Disqus commenting below each post is that you’ll be able to chip in and help each other, sharing some inspiring images or ideas. I’m really excited that this could be a launch pad for a community of friends enjoying our photography together.

So if you want to keep updated be sure to register for emails below if you haven’t already and I’ll let you know each time a new theme comes out.