Pro Video Academy

I’m asked more and more how I create my studio videos and while I’m happy to recommend a camera or lighting setup, I often wonder how that person got on working it out alone.

That’s inspired to create ‘Pro Video Academy‘ a complete course for anyone serious about creating professional quality videos like mine for their own blog, online courses, sales pages or wherever they need to be on film.

Using your phone or webcam gives the wrong impression and hiring in a professional at £1000/day may be overkill so I’m aiming this at those in the middle who want to give the impression that a professional filming company has been brought in but want to be able to create it yourself, alone, whenever you fancy.

Regardless of your skill level, if you choose the equipment I recommend and use myself then I will hold your hand through the set up and give tips on how to come across well too.

If this sounds of interest to you please register here.


I’ll send you a free Equipment Wishlist when you register your interest that will get you started and help you see the sort of costs involved depending on our starting point.

Filming Kit