Professional Audio Equipment List

I refer in several videos to use of professional audio recording equipment and here’s the list of kit I recommend.

Recording separate audio is my preferred option as you’ll hear in my videos. I explain the setup fully within the Pro Video Academy but here’s the equipment list anyway. Links:

TOTAL £420 approx (prices may vary) Links:

TOTAL $550 approx (prices may vary)


Other Microphone options mentioned:

There are plenty of cheap, unbranded alternatives but Rode are an industry leading brand that I use and am happy to recommend.

This will be a good setup if your camera has a MIC input and you’d rather the simplicity of working with just one file (rather than a separate audio file).


Simple Cable Mic

This is not the exact cable I used as mine was bought 10+ years ago but this looks very similar and has good reviews.

I used only today for a quick set up and was surprised how good the results were, don’t overlook this if you’re on a tight budget.