Training from me

Other than the free training you’ll find on this site I’ve put together some ‘paid for’ training courses online at Udemy. There’s two main reasons I decided to charge for some my work, first I genuinely believe you will value it and use it more if you’ve made even a small investment in it and secondly I want to become a full-time trainer so I need to start charging for my work. I’m sure you understand.


How to focus

$25* (approx £17)

When I first started planning some serious training I knew straight away this had to be the first topic I covered. Don’t be put off, I almost guarantee you’ll learn something new with this training and it will certainly set you up to be shooting like the Pros do.


Flash Photography for Beginners

$29* (approx £19)

This 50 minute course gives detailed training on how to use a speed light flash, as detailed in this post both on and off camera. Again this came off the back of many questions from you guys so here’s my useful guide for you.


Canon 700D / Rebel T5i User Guide

$15* (approx £10)

In approximately an hour I go over all the features of this lovely camera. A must for any owner.


Training from others

As I come across others’ training that I believe you can benefit from I’ll add it here and give an honest and fair review.



Adobe Lightroom

£8 / $10 per month

This is the best thing since sliced bread and if you’re going to take my advice and shoot in RAW then you’ll need this to edit your images and convert them to jpgs.

At the minute you can either get the creative cloud suite for photographers which gives you both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for just £8 / $10 per month! Or buy a year’s subscription for £99 here on

Alternatively, if you prefer to buy it outright its currently £108 here on / $142 here on



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*Why dollars? Yes I’m based in the UK but the reality is that the majority of my audience is US based so it makes sense to go with that.