Rogue FlashBender lighting kit


I saw this kit at a show 18 months ago and bought it there and then. I thought it was a genius idea and loved that it was really portable. I keep mine permanently in my bag and use it more often that I ever anticipated.
Now this is really an accessory for your light rather than your camera so apologies if you don’t have a shoe mounted flash… but you really should have! Especially when you can get them for around £40 as mentioned in my lighting kit post.

So this is a great piece of kit when you want to either get a little more creative or just need to separate your subject from the background. As I mention in the video, dark hair in front of a black backdrop isn’t good, and this can make a huge difference to separate them from the background. It’s also a fun way to introduce some colour and make your photos really look like they’ve been done by a Pro in a studio.

Not all of this kit I review is about taking safe, textbook style shots, you can really achieve some dramatic shots with adults and kids alike. Without spending a fortune on coloured filters, simply have a play with the sweet wrappers and other translucent coloured wrappers you find around the home. Of course there are some great gels available and actually I’m trying them out for a future review but these DIY approaches can sometimes be much more fun and satisfying 😉

You needn’t think this is just for lighting your subject either, you don’t have to look far through magazines and you’ll see models that have spotlighted backgrounds, usually pointing straight at the wall behind them to give the effect of a vignette where the light fades darker as it moves from them. This is how they do it. And you can too for a very reasonable amount.

Where to buy it?

Here are the links to take you to Amazon:

Buy it on – £31 here

Buy it on – $47 here


photoUPDATE: I was really surprised to find  after writing this that Digital SLR Photography (January 2014 issue) are doing a project in their ‘Budget Photo’ section about flash gels! Now they’re not using a snoot like this to control the beam of light but they are discussing the use of coloured gels and giving options from £3 packs of 15 x A4 cellophane sheets that they tie on with an elastic band, up to the coloured gels for this system. Funny we should be covering that at the same time eh!

Well what do you think, I reckon this is a great addition to your kit bag and will open up endless opportunities to get your creative juices flowing.

As ever have fun shooting and let us know how you get on!