Straightening up your photos


I’m writing this post in response to two threads currently active on our Facebook community group (which you’re very welcome to join!)

To the untrained eye you might not notice a slightly wonky image but when you do start noticing them, it can spoil a photo for you. I wouldn’t consider myself OCD but simple tweaks can make a big difference with landscape shots, especially if they have prominent horizontal or vertical lines.

Personally I put every photo I shoot through Lightroom and these are the kind of changes I make but for this post I’ve also used a free online editor so I’m not eliminating anyone in the solution.

There are plenty of online editors but Pixlr Express is one I’ve used before and I’ll jump in and use it for this demonstration. The tools will be similar in several tools.

Ok, I’ve downloaded Mary’s photo and will use that for the demo, please follow along in the video to see just how quick and easy this is. (Sorry in advance for the sound not being up to scratch).

If you have Lightroom then here’s a quick tutorial for you too.

Well hopefully you found that useful? If you’d like to see the conversation in the group and maybe chip in please come join us here and look for Mary’s photo 😉


  • gordo52

    The same in photoshop using the crop tool selecting the corner and turning to level.

  • Yep, thanks Gordon 🙂