The cursor buttons are locked on my Panasonic GX8 Camera


First let me tell you it’s not a fault. I did the very same thing when I first got this camera and started poking every button on it. I went to change the ISO while on a shoot and couldn’t, it had all locked up and I didn’t know what I’d done. Thankfully after 5 minutes of panicking¬†I discovered¬†that I had pressed one of the many Fn (function) buttons and locked the cursor buttons. Who knew!

Anyway, as I’m coming across these little frustrations I thought I’d post them here to help others that are bound to come across the same issues.



  • Maike

    Thank you, I had this exact problem. Another thing I encounter is not being able to select digital zoom in the menu. I have the gx8 with the Panasonic 14-140mm.

  • Yann

    Thanks a lot !