The power of photography – capturing memories

We had a lovely evening with my parents yesterday and while I was sorting some food on the BBQ my 15 year old lad was asking his Granddad about the first job he had. It was lovely seeing my Dad light up as he explained about his one-man-band gardening business and his little sign-written van, then he sighed as he said

‘I wish I had a photo of it!’

Once again it just reminded me of the value of photography. It’s not just a hobby like golf or fishing, something to relax us, it’s way more powerful than that. How different yesterday’s experience would have been if my Dad could have said ‘let me go and grab a photo and show you’.

When you stand with camera in hand you are holding a ‘memory capturing device’ that has the ability to create images that will outlive you and put a smile on the faces of your family generations from now. That’s powerful! 

How good are you at taking regular photos? If you don’t then why not, what’s the stumbling blocks you face?

I wonder if your parents have photos of them and or you as kids that you can look back on and get a glimpse into a world gone by?

Please leave a comment below I’d love to hear what you think to this and what your own experiences are.