This Cheap Portable Lighting Kit is Awesome!

Sorry to all of you who have been chasing me, I know this update has been long awaited but it’s here now.

As you may have seen in my previous lighting kit blog post this is equipment I have been using professionally for over 8 years so don’t think I’m recommending cheap rubbish, compare the flashes to Canon originals and they certainly are cheap but for once that doesn’t mean you’re compromising as you can see in this video…


The Equipment

As I ran through everything in the video I don’t intend to give you a long essay here too but let me list the items and tell you something about them all.

Note: These are affiliate links which means you don’t pay any more but Amazon pay me a 4% commission on any orders. That’s only about £4 per set and hopefully you won’t begrudge me a little money for putting this together for you. Also, prices are based on the date this post went live so may be subject to changes in the future.


Yongnuo Flashgun (Speedlight) £56

This is the most expensive item and the most important. It’s actually more advanced than the Canon 580EX II at around £450!

You’ll need 4 x AA batteries and it may be worth considering rechargeables if you plan to use this a lot.

Find it on Amazon

Note for SONY users: This applies to Canon and Nikon and other manufacturers using a standard hotshoe but Sony users will need an adapter. I believe this one on Amazon will work. You don’t need it for the ‘off camera’ flash but you will need the adapter if you want to use the flash (or the transmitter below) on top of your Sony camera.


Yongnuo Wireless Flash Controller £32

The awesome controller for all your lovely lights. As you saw in the video you can set the power levels of up to 6 groups of lights from this unit without needing to move from your camera. I love this little device, it’s one of those pieces of kit you don’t know how you used to live without.

Find it on Amazon

As I mentioned above if you’re a SONY user this will need a converter to fit this to your hotshoe as I don’t believe they make a Sony version.


Light Stand £14

As I said in the video this is a cheap model to keep the overall cost down and it will be fine for light use (excuse the pun) but if you’re planning to set yourself up for paid work it may be worth looking around for a more expensive model.

Find it on Amazon


Hotshoe Holder £8

This is the little bit of kit to go on top of your light stand and is universal.

Find it on Amazon


Umbrella £6

This is your diffuser to soften the light. There are other version where you can reflect the light but I recommend you use this as a shoot through initially.

Find it on Amazon


Softbox £27

If you want to control the light more you may be interested in a softbox. As I say in the video I haven’t used this one but it’s the one I’d pick if I did need one. It has an inner diffuser too so are really softening the light through two sheets rather than just one.

Find it on Amazon


These Lights In Practice

I cut this out of the above video as some will moan that I’ve gone on too long but I’ve added a section here to tell you how I use these lights on a daily basis professionally.


Training £20

If you’re interested in knowing more about how to set up and use these lights I have a training course here. It does need updating with this new kit but you can still learn the settings from the previous model of lights and when it’s updated you’ll be notified.

Find it on Udemy 


Happy shopping, please let me know how you get on 🙂