I said for a long time that I wouldn’t get into video and would stick to the photography but after recently joining ‘Business By Design’, I realise how much interest there is in creating tutorials like I do but also how much fear and overwhelm comes with it.

If you’re just getting started creating courses or filming yourself for YouTube videos you may well be in the same place of overwhelm that I was in when I started and so I’ve decided in the ‘Video’ section to help you with some free tutorials and recommendations on kit.

I’m not going to teach you:

  • how to create short movies
  • how to record clips of your family on holiday
  • how to professionally colour grade and edit
  • how to work multiple cameras
  • get into the film industry

I am going to teach you:

  • how to overcome your fears of being on film
  • how to choose and prop your set
  • how to choose the equipment you NEED
  • how to use a teleprompter… ‘that is voice activated!
  • how to balance the light on set
  • how to blur out the background and make yourself almost look 3D!
  • how to avoid the common mistakes others make
  • … and so much more!

This free coaching will come over time in the form of posts on here and my YouTube channel. I also encourage you to join our Facebook group – Pro Video Academy where I’ll be doing Live coaching and answering your questions.

This is work in progress so as I write this I have zero content but it’s coming, honest.


> Serious Entrepreneurs ONLY <

If you’re really SERIOUS about making a decent income out of your online course(s) then I recommend my new Pro Video Academy. It will not only give you a step-by-step breakdown to start filming your own videos but I will coach you through the challenges of being on film, the overwhelm of techie stuff and I’ll hold your hand every step of the way. As this offers a personal support group with live coaching  it has a premium price but if you are already selling courses or plan to then you’ll cover your cost in your first launch and promote your brand to the super leagues through the quality videos I’ll get you recording!

If that excites you then register here to find out when the next course is available. It only comes up 2-3 times per year as I want to invest time in helping my students.


When you register your interest I’ll send you my Equipment Wish List to get you started.  This will save you buying unnecessary filming kit and save you hundreds on the kit you DO need!

Filming Kit


You can also find out more on my Pro Video Academy page.